What Is the Best Lotion to Use on a Baby with Eczema?

Eczema affects the health of a young baby, making it itchy and uncomfortable for the skin. Using the best baby lotion for eczema helps improve disease symptoms and prevent more complex diseases.

Choosing an eczema lotion is difficult for mothers. Because young baby, especially infants, have sensitive skin and are easily irritated, or experience side effects if using inappropriate medications. The following article will suggest some types of best baby lotion for eczema that many people use for reference.

How to choose an eczema lotion good for the baby?

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There are so many choices about eczema creams that confuse moms, wondering which product to choose. However, no matter which type of cream you choose, you must adhere to:

  • Choose only dermatologically tested creams: when using eczema skincare products that have been reviewed by a doctor, a therapist will help you feel safer and more secure when using it.
  • Don’t choose a scented eczema lotion: stay away from these topical creams because their fragrant ingredients will irritate your baby’s skin and make your eczema worse.
  • Read labels carefully before buying: so you don’t waste time buying and can’t use them, carefully read the ingredients of a product before buying. Avoid buying products with strong irritant ingredients that can harm your baby’s immature skin.
  • Priority should be given to products with natural herbal ingredients that will be benign and safer for a baby, especially infants.
  • They can use the product in all body parts, which is more convenient for users.
  • After knowing how to choose an eczema lotion, please refer to the popularly used lotions.

#1. Ceradan Hydra Moisturize

This product does not irritate the skin, helping to protect the baby’s skin from external agents. This moisturizer is rich in Sodium, Hyaluronate, Ceramide. With eczema, parents can use the product to prevent flare-ups. Ceradan moisturizing cream is extracted from natural ingredients, very safe for the skin. Therefore, babies and infants can use it.

#2. DEXERYL Moisturising Creams

This is a skincare product for babies very famous in France. This product has been through a very rigorous testing process. Dexeryl cream has ingredients including Parafin liquida, Glicerol, … The product has the effect of supporting the treatment of atopic dermatitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, … At the same time supporting the treatment of milk eczema for baby newborns and young babies. This cream is very popular.

#3. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream

We can use the product for a baby from 3 months of age and older. The major ingredient of Aveeno moisturizer is oatmeal. This ingredient protects the skin, helping it to avoid external irritants. This is a cream that works to soothe the skin, prevent recurrent eczema, reduce skin itchiness effectively. The cream has no greasy effect, easily penetrates the skin, and improves effective symptoms.

#4. Cetraben Body Lotion

This is a lotion that helps to soften the skin, supporting the treatment of eczema for a baby. The product helps prevent skin itching, dryness, and peeling off the skin. With a light scent, Cetraben lotion is suitable for all ages. This product is used very popular. Parents should carefully review the ingredients of the cream before applying it to the baby to ensure skin safety.

#5. Dermalex Eczema Treatment for baby

For baby 8 weeks and older parents can use this product for baby. Dermalex cream helps to improve the dryness, flaking, itchiness caused by eczema. The product works well in a baby with mild skin itching. They sell this cream in pharmacies. However, parents need to talk with the doctor before using this product for the baby.What Is the Best Lotion to Use on a Baby with Eczema1.png

Note when using eczema lotion for babies

On the market, there are many creams used to treat baby eczema. However, not all products work well in supporting treatment. Besides, many creams contain many ingredients that easily irritate the skin, affecting the health of the baby. When buying any kind of cream, parents need to be careful and careful to avoid buying counterfeit products. Here are some notes that parents should know when buying eczema cream and using these creams to treat a baby.

  • Do not use lotions that contain alcohol, greasy because they can make your baby’s skin drier.
  • Use lotion every day for a baby to avoid recurrent eczema.
  • We should apply baby lotion after bathing.
  • For damaged skin areas, parents should not apply lotion, avoid skin irritation.
  • Cut baby’s nails short, avoid scratching itchy skin damage.
  • Wear cool, soft clothes for babies, do not let your baby use synthetic fabrics, sweat-proof.
  • Keep your baby’s room clean, wash the blankets, and clean the items they come in contact with.
  • We should not expose a baby to polluted environments, smog.
  • Develop a diet full of nutrients for baby, avoiding foods that irritate the skin
  • If using any medicine, consult a specialist. Not arbitrarily buy medication to treat baby makes the disease worse.


Above are the best baby lotion for eczema, parents can refer to treat the baby’s disease. When purchasing any product, parents need to check the date of manufacture, expiry date, ingredients to ensure safety for the baby’s health. Ideally, when a baby has eczema, parents should take their baby for a checkup. Depending on the severity of the illness, the doctor will prescribe the medication to use.

Should Pregnant Women Use Sunscreen During Pregnancy?

Should use sunscreen during pregnancy is the issue that won a lot of attention of the pregnant mothers. Because more than anyone else, pregnant women know very well that their bodies will change a lot during this period. Therefore, the use of sunscreen is not only a skincare step but also a barrier to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

How does a woman’s skin change during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many experts recommend using sunscreen for pregnant women to protect sensitive skin from harmful agents such as UV rays, … Many pregnant women will have acne skin, especially For the “mom” prone to acne during menstruation before pregnancy. However, there are many “moms” that will improve acne conditions during pregnancy.

But the general condition of “moms” during pregnancy is that the face will become darker. Especially for people living in cold climates, they will increase the stimulation of toxins in the body causing temporary discoloration on the legs and skin will be slightly green. This condition will not last long after your skin is born you will return to normal.

On the skin of the “mom” will appear brown spots on the forehead and temples, between the face. After the birth of this phenomenon will decrease. Also, the skin will crack so it will itch around the abdomen and chest.

Hormonal changes in the body greatly affect the skin. So pregnant women should pay attention to the use of the cream, especially sunscreen to protect their skin. To protect the skin from harmful UV rays that change the dark pigmentation in the body, causing the skin to darken.

Should we use sunscreen during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women are always encouraged to take care of themselves. In particular, the question of whether to use sunscreen during pregnancy is also the question that won the attention of the pregnant mother. Because this is the time when melamine cells are produced more than normal.

This makes mothers’ skin more sensitive when exposed to the sun. Without preventive measures to prevent harm from this factor, the mother’s skin becomes “degraded” immediately.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. This type of cosmetic not only helps protect skin from the aging process but also helps you prevent skin problems during pregnancy.

The secret to choosing anti-functional cream during pregnancy

Find the right SPF

First, pregnant women should find out exactly what SPF cream protection is. Because not SPF 100 is 2 times more protective than SPF 50. The Skin Cancer Foundation Association has determined that SPF 15 products have 93% UVB protection.

With an SPF 30, they block 97%, and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays. In general, with the average temperature during the hot summer days, moms can use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or more.

Also, use it again every 2 hours for optimal sun protection effect. If your body is prone to sweating or frequently exposed to water, you should focus on repeated application.

Use a physical sunscreen

As you know, sunscreen is now divided into chemical sunscreens (absorb UV rays through the use of ingredients such as oxybenzone) and physical sunscreens (reflect UV rays through titanium. dioxide or zinc dioxide).

Usually, some people who use physical sunscreens will fear “nanoparticles”. However, according to the European Union’s Nanoderm project and several other FDA-specific projects, nano titanium dioxide does not have a negative effect when absorbed into the skin.

Even the US environmental group in 2014 showed that sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide are always the best choice on the market today and in the future.

Note the chemical composition is harmful to the fetus

When looking to buy sunscreen during pregnancy, you should carefully read the ingredients on the packaging of the product. In particular, remove brands of sunscreen that contain oxybenzone

According to several recent studies, this chemical is absorbed through the skin. Since then adversely affecting the formation and development of the fetus. Oxybenzone has the potential to be at risk for serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and yellowing heart disease.

Besides, this toxic chemical can also affect the body’s hormones. From there cause complications during the development of the baby in the womb.

Limit the use of aerosol creams

According to the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens, gaseous titanium dioxide has appeared in the list of potential carcinogens when people inhale high doses.

Therefore, EWG (environmental organization) recommends not only pregnant women but also ordinary people not to use aerosol products.

Note when using sunscreen for pregnant women

Many “moms” when using sunscreen for pregnant women and not going to the sun in the morning make the fetus lack vitamins. Experts recommend that when using sunscreen still have to go out in the early morning sun to provide the body with vitamin D to help build strong bones. They are an integral component of the process of forming the fetal brain and bone cells.

Besides, vitamin D also helps pregnant women reduce the risk of melanoma, pigmentation, melasma, freckles. So, don’t abuse sunscreen too much and shouldn’t avoid too much sun.

Biological sunscreens with a safe, natural ingredient should be used to ensure the safety of the mother’s skin and the health of her unborn baby.

Through this article, pregnant women must have found a satisfactory answer to the question of whether to use sunscreen during pregnancy. The answer is so mom. Because this is a product that helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Mom just needs to choose the right product for pregnant women to be able to use it safely.

What Coffee Mugs to Buy Your Mom?


When it comes to buying mugs for your mom, have you ever considered buying mugs for her as if she was is the only one that really cared? Your mother was with you in the dark times. She helped you get out of trouble and made sure the bills were paid. Your mother bought you things you needed to help you out with school and young adult life. A mother does things no friend could ever do for free. Every child’s mom, deserves a coffee mug that speaks to their hard work and sacrifice.

Now is the time to get her a mug that makes her feel good and let her know you are happy she decided to take care of you. Coffee mugs for mom is something your mom thinks highly of. Improve the quality of her life by getting her s mug that is unique and loving.

Make sure the coffee mug suits your mother’s favorite color also. You don’t want to get on her bad side. You know your mom better then anyone, but you should talk to her before getting anything that would upset her. Futher, you want your mother to be 100% satisfied with the coffee mug. She should be right. Because she took care of you, tried to keep you out of the fire. The fire that could of killed you. You probably don’t remember the whole fire. But, Your mother was there to shield you from it. Get your mother a coffee mug that shows her that you really care about what she did.

Before you begin looking for your mug, you should consider that mothers don’t want their kids spending a lot of money for a gift. If you have to make your own coffee mug, then so be it. If you have to spend money on a cheap coffee mug then so be it. Your mother wants you love overall. Your money is not your mother’s concern. She wants you to be happy and does not want to be another burden to your already full plate. Buy your mother something reasonable and good to her taste. Here some coffee mug ideas you mom might like if its her style.

Best Mam Ever Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is simple in design, but the words “Best Mam Ever” say a whole lot to a mom. Your mom might be the best person on your life. She might even be the only person in your life. That makes you feel special and you want you mom to know right? Getting her a coffee mug with these words tells her that she is the best person on Earth. She basically is if you think about how many times she got you out of trouble and the sacrifices she made. Get your hard working mom something like this to show she is the the best person in your life. Coffee mugs for mom should always have love spread on them anyway.

Love You Mummy Coffee Mug

Love You Mummy coffee mug is another great gift to give a mother. Your mother needs to know that you love her at all times. You forget to tell her sometimes with work and other social promises. You forget to tell your mother that you love her and appreciate all the sacrifices she made to make sure you live. Life is tough, but your mom makes it look easy. She tries her best to get you out of any problems. Tell you anything that most people will not tell you. Buy your mom a Love You Mummy mug and she will never get your love. You should tell her you love her every month anyway. But, this coffee makes sure you do it if you forget to tell your her.